Taste Brasserie offers facilities and services to ensure that the business is inclusive and accessible to all our customers. Below you can find a detailed list of how accessible Taste Brasserie is for all our customers. Hopefully this will answer and queries or questions you may have before visiting Taste Brasserie.

Temporary Health Conditions

We have an allergens directory that covers dishes/ingredients/drinks on our menu at Taste and highlights any possible allergens that may be present in them. We also inform customers on the menu that we will try to make an alternative dish if requested by a customer that is not listed on our menus, if we have the ingredients available in the kitchen. We can also adjust ingredients in the dishes if they are not pre prepared or try and create and adaptation of a dish to suit the customers health conditions.

Animal/Pet Policy

At Taste we are pleased to welcome all 'assistance dogs' or 'assistance dogs in training' into the restaurant with their owner or trainer.

Wheelchair Access & Buggies

Taste Brasserie has easy access for wheelchair users from road to pavement and then into our doorway. There are no steps to navigate to gain access in or out of the restaurant. Taste Brasserie has an upper restaurant area on the street/pavement level that is available to wheelchair users. The chairs and furniture in the restaurant are easily moveable to accomodate wheelchair users at the table without the risk of being bumped or moved.

We do accept buggies into the restaurant, we have two areas near the bar on the upper street level. We do have a facility to 'park' buggies in the restaurant if there isn't sufficient room at the table. Staff members will be more than happy to assist users with buggies and carry any down the 3 steps to the lower part of the restaurant. We do also provide highchairs for children if required.

Disabled toilets and baby changing facilities are available at the upper part of the restaurant (on street level) at the end of the bar. Please ask a staff member if you require help in getting to the toilet or baby changing facility.

Service at your Table

We can and do help existing regular customers with serving dishes or drinks in different types of crockery if it aids the customer in eating and drinking. The kitchen staff will also be more than happy to pre cut food into smaller pieces on request in order to help the customer(s) dining experience.

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